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This class is a fun way to learn how to blend chaos and control using poured mixed water media and assorted mixed media & collage techniques.

This mixed media workshop is set up for artists to work on paper and or on canvas treated for watercolor techniques suing both transparent watercolors and fluid acrylics.

If an artist is ready to learn how to challenge themselves to use more than just transparent water media with a number 12 brush

and wants to find new ways of creating

exciting dynamic paintings and

If an artist wants to “loosen up” their style - even try pouring paints then this the class for you!

By Land or By Sea art workshop:

During this four day Fearless Painting Workshop you can plan on spending time bringing beautiful inspiration from on location into the art studio!  

~You can plan on painting & watching demonstrations of painting  watercolor studies in the field & in the studio.

~You can plan on learning about using a mix of assorted water media materials like transparent & opaque watercolors, fluid acrylics as well as  use crayons, ink  and collage to create dynamic art.

~You can plan on learning about unique techniques  from pouring paint, collage and other effects to create texture and take your landscape art to a new level of creativity.

Whether you are a painter that enjoys working with realism or abstraction; this Fearless Painting Class  is dedicated to YOU enjoying  and learning how to paint  land or seascapes on location and from photos in the studio!

Do you want to explore  digital photography on location ?

Do you want to learn how to adapt your

photos into beautiful, stunning paintings ?

I will show you how !

Do you want to have fun

and learn exciting new painting methods,

while working in a  workshop using watercolors, acrylics, and assorted other materials and mediums ?   

I will show you how!

Are you an art association looking for a uniquely different sort of class for your membership? Contact Elise Beattie for more information about hosting a 1-5 day Fearless Painting workshop in your location.

Mail: artist@embart.com?subject=Elise Beattie Art Works

“As an instructor of Fearless Painting, Elise demystifies the challenges of painting with water media. She successfully removes a student’s inhibitions, and frees their creative spirits in each and every class.

 Zhara Dean, Director Continuing Education Scottsdale

Community College

“ Shore line vista” 20 x 24 poured watercolors, acrylics and collage on watercolor paper.

Fearless Art Workshops  Fall & Winter 2017


A great places to start learning about watercolor  techniques on paper

October 2 -November 6,2017 at SCC Bldg 50, RM 108 - 5:30 - 7:30pm  

ARTDE 140 $ 75

Call  509-279-6030 to enroll

My classes are dedicated to helping YOU learn how to feel comfortable working with water media paints and traditional water color tools.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist all of my water media classes are for anyone interested in knowing the truth about painting with water colors.

It is fun and easy to paint the fearless way!


individual instruction and

lots of inspiration will bring out the fearless painter in everyone.

If you are looking for the necessary fun skills to be able to create art while learning water color painting techniques , then this class will help you find new ways to express yourself and strengthen your artistic skills.

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These classes are an introduction to your understanding all about the wonderful world of color.

Whether you want to use transparent watercolors or opaque acrylics, in my All About Color classes you will learn how to create beautiful , stunning colors that lend sparkle,mood or drama to your paintings.


November 8 - December 13,2017

5:30 -7:30pm

Spokane Community College Bldg 50, RM 108

ARTDE 141  $ 75

Call  509-279-6030 to enroll

Discover color theory the Fearless way through numerous demos and painting opportunities.

Learn how to handle light and dark values,

Learn how to create sparkling hues for a variety of subjects,

Learn how to create vivid complimentary colors and how colors effect a painting’s mood.

Yes,  paint, enjoy and learn  all about color theory, so that you can handle watercolors  like a pro!

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Class Materials



October 5 - November 9,2017

5:30 -7:30pm

Spokane Community College Bldg 50, RM 108

ARTDE 146  $ 75

Call  509-279-6030 to enroll

See Art


For acrylic & watercolor


Class Materials

Have you taken my beginners Fearless Painting for Acrylics ? Here is a second opportunity to learn more about painting!

Do you already paint with acrylics and desire to learn more? Come have fun and learn about painting with acrylics the fearless way !

The emphasis in this class is about understanding color theory and how it works when you paint.

Learn about the difference of primary, secondary and tertiary hues, study color intensity and making beautiful neutrals from watching Beattie’s demonstrations.

See for yourself how much fun studying about color and painting with Elise Beattie can be.

Whether you are a beginner or a painter with experience this class for using acrylic paints and colors will help you improve your skills!